About us

Film Västernorrland has a mission to strengthen and develop film culture in Västernorrland. We work with three main areas; children and youth, screening and distribution, and production.

Children and youth

Our priority is to stimulate and develop the film educational activities and to provide opportunities for young people own creativity. Film Västernorrland, in cooperation with active filmmakers, arrange film workshops and projects in schools and at leisure. We support and collaborate on school film activities and continuing education for teachers etc.

Screening and distribution

Providing support to the cinema as a screening location is another important task. We organize networking events, offers courses and collaborate on screenings. Film Västernorrland aims to the films produced in the county to be distribute locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We organize own screenings, collaborating with other distributors and seeking new opportunities for screening.


Film Västernorrland co-produces about 20 short films and documentaries each year. In recent years, we have also co-produced a number of feature films. Special efforts are being made to develop young film enthusiasts and talents. Efforts for the development of film talent with professional film production brings the county both cultural development and employment promotion.